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Top Roulette Strategies: Playing Tips & Hints

If I knew the secret to winning at roulette every single time, I probably would not be writing this article right now. I would off, sunning myself on a beach somewhere. Probably wouldn’t mingle with the ‘rabble’. I would be best pals with Richard Branson or something like that, maybe best pals with somebody a bit better looking.

Anyway, if you have come here for top roulette strategies that would have you winning each and every time, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. I can’t offer you that. What I can do, however, is offer you strategies which will have you winning most of the time, or at least strategies which will ensure that you keep your losses to a minimum.

The Martingale Strategy

This is probably one of the most ‘popular’ of the top roulette strategies. The idea is that, at the very minimum, you will be breakeven on your bet. It is a roulette strategy that is only going to work if you are playing European roulette.

As you may well know, both betting on the black and betting on the red carries the same odd (2/1), so if you bet £1 on red and red comes up, then you will get £2 back.

The Martingale Strategy has you betting on the same colour each time you spin the reel if you lose. Each time you would need to double your bet to ensure that you do not lose money and to cover the money that you have lost.

Of course, the major issue with this strategy is that if you go on a massive losing streak then you are going to be doubling up your money a lot, maybe above the table limit, but thankfully it is unlikely this will ever happen. 

The Grand Martingale Strategy

This is a strategy that is often shared among those who talk about the Martingale. The previous strategy is designed to ensure that you always break even as long as you do not hit the betting limit.

This one is to ensure that you do not make a loss. I do not recommend the Grand Martingale Strategy. I know that this would be a list of the best strategies out there, but I thought I would point this one out as so many people use it. The idea is that instead of doubling, you triple your bet. This is stupid. Head outside and toss your money down the closest drain. I can guarantee you that this is going to be just as effective.

The Labourchere Strategy

This is a strategy which still confuses me, but I hear that it works. It is similar to the Martingale, just requires a bit more maths.

The idea is that you have a row of numbers which are referencing your ‘betting units’. This can be anything, but for the sake of this (because I am terrible at maths), we are going to say that the betting units are in 10s. This means that your sequence may be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 (pence, of course, I am not made of money)

Your bet would be the first number and the last number added together. So, 60p. If you lose, then 60p would be added to the end of that list. If you win, you take the first and the last numbers away. You play until all of the numbers in the sequence are no longer there.

Many people use this roulette strategy as it is quite ‘fun’ and allows for betting on more than just the even odd parts of the roulette wheel, although I do encourage you not to do that as it is a whole lot easier to have the even odd parts turn up than it is the other parts.

The major benefit of this roulette strategy over the standard martingale strategy is that it is not going to get wildly out of control too quickly, mainly because you are not doubling your bet each time, you are just adding a small amount on.

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