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Which Casinos are The Best for Live Dear Casino Games? 

Part of our job here at CasinoTop.org is to keep up with the times and the ever changing horizon of the online casino world, so that we know that the information we are passing on from within our website and our recommendations and facts are actual fact truth to form . We do value our reputation and only every recommend safe and legit casinos.

One of the things we spend most of our time on is looking at new casino sites. We want to be able to tell you about the best ones and also the ones to avoid and we can only do this if we play at the sites and research them thoroughly. Today in our daily digest we are looking at new live dealer casinos, or moreover,  the top new casinos with the best live casino games selection!

Why should you be playing on new live casinos when there are so many established ones instead? Well, both those questions are going to get answered on this page and if you haven't yet tried out live dealer games, then continue reading as you are in for a treat.

Why New Live Dealer Casinos?

Because they offer a better experience. If you carried out a Google search right now, then you would see hundreds, if not thousands of live casinos out there. It can be incredibly tricky for a new site to stand out. In fact, most new casinos are barely going to gain over a dozen customers, even with intense marketing, because that is how this industry works. SO many sites and only so many gamblers to go around.

This is why live casinos need to do their best to stand out from the pack. They are not always going to succeed, but they are going to give it a bash anyway. One area in which they really give it a good ‘bash’ is through bonuses. These are little incentives that you get for signing up to the online casino. Most of the new ones have the best around.

In addition to this; new casinos tend to have better customer support, and a generally better website. Their whole aim is to give off the best impression possible to their players, and they will always do the best that they can. They need that word of mouth advertising, after all.

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Isn’t it risky to play at new live casinos?

Nope. Not at all. Well, at least not if you are sensible. You see, you are lucky to live in the United Kingdom. Not only do we have some fabulous TV shows produced here, but we also have the UK Gambling Commission. The job of the UKGC is to keep a watchful eye over gambling websites to ensure that they do not mess with their players.

If a site wishes to offer gambling services in the United Kingdom, then they need to be registered with the UK Gambling Commission. No way of getting around this. This means that if the site does not have a UKGC licence number, you know to give them a skip.

How do you find the best new live casinos?

There is no ‘foolproof’ method for finding amazing online casinos. We wish there was, but nope. Everybody has their own needs in an online casino so there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ online casino. What you can do, however, is try to work out what you want. Here are some of the things that we look for.

Of course, you want there to be plenty of live casino games that you can jump into. This means plenty of different variations. There also needs to be several different rooms available in which you can play your games. You do not want to be ‘locked out’ because they are full. As an example, you might want to look at one of our top picks for live casino games like Casino Joy online casino. Now, here you will instantly see that this casino means business in every aspect.

Not only do you have top games and slots, plus plenty of live games, you have a perfect bonus for playing live dealer games (at the time of writing is a brilliant cash back bonus) plus there are plenty of rewards thereafter. Not forgetting thw ebsite design and personalsed account is a plus point too. What we're saying is, if you do your own research you will find the perfect casino for live games, but make sure you take on board our tips on this page.

Of course, you are probably not going to want to dedicate your gambling life completely to live dealer games. As fun as they are, sometimes you want something with some lower minimum bets. This is why we recommend that you look for sites which have that. For example; look for sites which are packed with slots and table games.

You may also want to find a site which has scratch cards, but these don’t tend to be a favourite for most gamblers, mostly because you can pop down to your local Tesco and pick some up.

In addition to this, you will want to ensure that the site works well on mobile devices. You may not be playing on a mobile device at that moment, but you almost certainly will be in the future, so make sure the site has one right off the bat. This never really tends to be that much of an issue with online casinos on the newer side of things.

Looking for new live casinos?

If you are, then you will be pleased to know that the team here have been working exceedingly hard to identify some of the best live casinos around. In fact, you will find a list of the best new ones below. There are always new sites popping up, so make sure that you bookmark this page. Whenever we find something new, we will add it to this list. We are positive that you do not wish to miss out! 

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